• Aryana Sayeed

Aryana Sayeed afghan star fiancé Hasib Sayed, height sayees net worth

Aryana Sayeed afghan star fiancé Hasib Sayed, height sayees net worth

Aryana Sayeed, an Afghan pop diva, tells the story of her harrowing exodus

As a result of the war, an Afghan pop star fled her homeland.

Hasib Sayed and Aryana Sayeed were able to flee after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan.

Some of what she revealed on her verified Instagram account came from a conversation they had with Access Hollywood regarding their

In her words, “I had a sensation that I was going to die here.”

It seemed like there was no hope for

The fact that we’re still alive is nothing short of a miracle.

It was hectic, with people collapsing and the crowds crammed together in their haste to get on a flight out, says Say

Her words: “It was incredibly heartbreaking.”

Children shouting and weeping. Women sobbing.”

“I’m getting shivers just thinking about it.”

According to Sayeed, a woman tried to persuade Sayeed to take


‘I can’t take a baby away from its mom,’ she added. ‘The mother asked me to remove the infant, but I couldn


‘Look, it’s not mine, but please let her in because the baby is going to die,’ I told the soldiers, and they said, ‘I’m sorry lady.'” “That is not possible.”

Sayeed’s partner stated in an Instagram post that she fell asleep as soon as the plane took off from Doha, Qatar.

In his letter, Hasib stated, “I was just looking at her and thinking exactly how valiantly and fearlessly she dealt with the toughest events of her life.”

This is a long post, but we have to leave soon for what will be a continuation of a recent adventure that at one time appeared like our last destination.

‘Fearless champion’

For me, however, she is a brave Champion who has served as a role model for me on numerous occasions, including

Then I’ll let her sleep blissfully for a while, because she’ll soon have a


In Los Angeles, Sayeed and Sayed are currently residing, and Sayeed is concerned about the millions of people who have been

As Sayeed said on Instagram, “Wanted to let everyone know that we have finally arrived in after 4 days of journey and tiredness.”

Thanks a lot!

I cannot stop thinking about our people and those who did not have the same option as myself and many others to travel to a safe location. “Far from home, yet we are well, safe, and tremendously grateful.”

Friends and family who are still there are in contact with her, she added.

This is the end of the road for them, she remarked.

In the meantime, they’re living in dread because they don’t have food or shelter, and my heart simply hurts for them.